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USF CERT Welcomes New Instructors

Over the winter break, 6 USF CERT members participated in a CERT Train-The-Trainer course to grow our training team. With this class graduating, USF CERT will have a team of 7 certified CERT Instructors ready to train students, staff, and the community in the CERT Basic Training course.

Training took place over 4 days at the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center, where a team of two instructors, one being our own Program Manager, Elizabeth Dunn, trained CERT Members in techniques for teaching future classes.

We would like to congratulate the new class of CERT Instructors on completing their training, and look forward to seeing them build their teams!

Train-The-Trainer Course Instructors:

Captain Larry Thompson, Lealman Fire District, Lealman CERT

Elizabeth Dunn, USF CERT

New CERT Instructors:

Christopher Smyth, USF CERT

Jay Rajyaguru, USF CERT

Mimi Harvill, USF CERT

Patricia Fox, USF CERT

Keiah Townsend, USF CERT

Kimberly Snow, USF CERT

Dale Peery, SCC CERT

For more information on our Basic Training, visit our Training page.

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