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You're leaving for work one morning and as you step out the door you come across a burning smell and notice smoke in the air. You hear loud sirens and receive a message telling you your neighborhood is in the path of a wildfire and need to evacuate your family immediately.

What do you do?

Wildfires can burn for days, and destroy entire communities. You will have to evacuate if your area is believed to be in the path of one, so it is important to be prepared for this possibility. Having the necessary supplies ready for when the time comes can save your life.


Here are some things you can do to prepare for this situation:

  1. Put together a "Go Bag." This Bag should contain anything you might need to survive on your own for at least 3 days. Included within the bag should be nonperishable food, drinking water, an emergency battery-powered or hand-crank weather radio, first aid kit, a local map, a flashlight, batteries, and more. For more information on building a bag, click here.

  2. Evacuate. You will receive evacuation orders from the local authorities. Do not ignore this. Keep a eye on the news and emergency alert systems.

  3. Have a plan. Contact nearby friends or family ahead of time, in case you may need to stay with them during an evacuation due to fires in your area. Have somebody far enough away that they are not in the affected area, but close enough that you can reach them when you get evacuation orders.

  4. If you see a fire and have not received evacuation orders yet, contact the fire department immediately!

  5. For more safety tips about wildfires, visit's Wildfire Page.

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