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Eva who?

Evacuation Zones!

This year, Hillsborough County's evacuation zones were updated, with over 150,000 residents living in one of the 5 evacuation zones. Anyone residing in an evacuation zone is vulnerable to storm surge from 4 to over 30 feet in the event of a hurricane impacting the area. Due to the zones being new, many of these residents are unaware of their location in the zones, so USF CERT has stepped into action to raise awareness in our communities!

On Tuesday, July 18th, over 20 volunteers from USF's College of Public Health, led by USF CERT volunteers, took to the streets of a community that is newly designated as an evacuation zone. Volunteers canvassed neighborhoods street by street, engaging with families and letting them know their evacuation zone, while offering them information on how to Get A Kit.

By the end of the event, a total of 150 families were spoken to about the new evacuation zones and over 300 hurricane guides were given out to households in the community.

USF CERT is looking forward to expanding awareness campaigns in other communities across Hillsborough County. In South County, Big Bend CERT is canvassing in their own neighborhoods with the same goal. More about Big Bend CERT's canvassing operations can be found here.

Thank you to our USF CERT Members and USF College of Public Health students who participated!

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