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Meeting Review - Mar 27 2017

Recent Events and News

Recent Events

Preparedness On The Lawn, February 12th: Article

Homeless Count, February 23rd: Article

ADLS Exercise, February 25th: Article

2 New CERT Classes: February: Article

Salvation Army Training Video, March 8th & 9th: Article

Spring Break Trip to New Orleans, March 12th - 18th: Article

New USF CERT Officers

Director of Recruitment: Keiah Townsend

Director of Training: Anthony Woodson

Media Officers: Jordan Snead & Krista Ditoro

More information on USF CERT Officers can be found here.

Upcoming Exercises and Events

  • Mar 29th: Hillsborough County CERT Meeting, 5pm-7pm at HC EOC

  • Mar 30th: Hillsborough County MCI Exercise

  • Mar 31st: DAHR Kickball Tournament, 6pm-9pm at USF Softball Fields

  • May 6th: City of Tampa Port Safety Day, 7am-2pm at Desoto Park

  • June 19th & 21st: G300 Adv. Incident Command System Course, 8am-5pm at HC EOC

  • TBA Summer: CERT Woodlands Excursion and Training, Location TBA

  • TBA Aug: Next CERT Basic Training, COPH

  • TBA Oct: HC CERT Exercise, Location TBA

  • Dec 9th: East Bay HS Teen CERT Exercise

Events and Exercises are constantly being coordinated and added to our calendar. Details on events can be found on our Calendar page and the USF CERT Facebook page.

ID Cards

  • Spring 2017 Classes: Your pictures need to be taken to make your ID Card. Schedule a photo with a Media Officer ASAP.

  • Previous Classes: Your ID Cards are available for pickup. Schedule a pickup time with Elizabeth Dunn or another Officer ASAP.

Training Reminders

Our current training goals are as follows, as noted in the 2016 Hillsborough County CERT Improvement Plan

  1. ICS Training: FEMA Independent Study classes IS 100, 200, 700, and 800 are required to be completed.

  2. Search and Rescue (SAR) training: Wilderness and wildlands SAR training is needed and will be coordinated by program officers to ensure all USF CERT members are properly trained.

  3. Communications: Radio Usage skills are important for effective communications.

  4. Triage: Stay up to date on your triage and treatment skills. These must be known at all times.

Search and Rescue Activity:

The group was split into two teams, who performed methodical SAR techniques to locate and transport simulated victims (Stuffed Animals) back to the meeting room from their locations around the building. Participants received items for their CERT bag for a job well done.

CERT Jeopardy!

Teams participated in a fun Jeopardy-style game which tested the knowledge of the teams on information from the CERT Basic Training Course. All participants received more items for their CERT bags.

Important Notes:

Volunteers are needed for Port Safety Day 2017. If you are interested, sign up here.

ID CARDS: Pick up your ID Card or schedule a photo ASAP.

T-shirts are still in development, more info soon.

Contact Info:

Jay Rajyaguru 407-924-6500

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